Origin Story


Before I get too carried away, let me explain what you might hope to find here. You’re going to find me. Well… us! We thought it would be nice to document our journey into this frozen foray and bring you all along with us. You’re welcome.

Some common themes that might come up: Ice cream (duh), small business, big dreams, flavor ideas, kitchen miracles, kitchen Nightmares and events that made us happy. Spoiler Alert: Any event where we get to meet folks and make their day better with some ice cream is going to make us happy.

So! If that interests you, go ahead and keep on reading and checking back. We are quite thrilled you are here.


Let me set up a visual for you.

Music ✅ Margarita ✅ Tired but very excited ✅


This is what is happening while I write this entry and it pretty much was a consistent theme during our testing, trying and early ice cream days. Many long days and nights were spent sock hopping in a kitchen while we test the limits of butterfat and our own alcohol tolerances.

It was exhausting and exhilarating. One night it’s going on 3am, after almost 18 hours prep work, and we’re sitting on the kitchen floor. Then we just begin daydreaming about a brick and mortar storefront. Complete bliss. So how did we get here?


Matt and I met while working for a digital publisher together. He was working on website stuff and I was doing video and social. Our only overlap at the office was a very competitive foosball rivalry. [It] would be a cri[me] to say who was better.

Over time, like most co-workers, we went out for food, drinks and chatted over the foos table about life. Two common themes came up. Dogs (yay!) and food. We both just love food.

I’m going to spare you the deep dive on me and food. Save that for another time. Let’s just say it’s been around me and my life for awhile and my favorite thing is to share it with people. Good food is a social experience for me. I won’t often speak for Matt, but I feel like his previous relationship with food was a bit like Ariana Grande. He saw it, he liked it, he wanted it, he got it.


So jump forward in time! We both left said job for other things and it’s summer. Matt has it in his brain that he needs more frozé in his life (frozen rosé) and has gone out and purchased an ice cream maker. I mean… to call him an impulse buyer might be an understatement to be honest. And thus a very cool and boozy summer helped beat the heat. Then of course, the only reasonable evolution to come after sucking down yet another bottle of frozen wine ...seriously we are too embarrassed to count… we got to thinking. “What else could be put in this machine?”


Now we’re back where I started us: It’s 3am in November. We are turning our last batch of Gingerbread Ice cream for our first major event. We have spent weeks trying flavors, figuring out our base recipe, tasting terrrrrrrible creations, and breaking into giddy happy dances for tasty winners. Suddenly, it all just felt real. Never have we been more exhausted and more thrilled about what could come next.

Our first event was a great success and we were able to have a few smaller pop-ups. We learned a lot in those first sessions. From what we need on site, what we had too much of, and how to never underestimate the joy born from sharing good food made with love and joy.

So more to come! We have another huge event right around the corner. More flavors in sight to test. A website to help extend our reach. A  license to sell and a dream. Stick around for more banter, details around our process, our latest wins and loses, and mostly our gratitude for you.

Keep Cool,