It started with a pun.


You know that moment when you hear a bad pun and can’t help but chuckle through your groan? Or that moment when you taste something so damn good you can’t stop yourself from dancing in place? Us too. In fact, we live for it. So we started making delicious handcrafted ice creams, and then gave them all cheesy puns for names. The result? 

Hang on a sec, I’m busy dancing right now.


Origin Story


You’re probably expecting that classic story, right? Two boys, whose love of food was passed down from generation to generation, got together and are building a dream. It’s a cute story, but it’s not ours. Matt became obsessed with Frosé (for obvious reasons), and all he wanted to do was make it at home for the summer. So he went and bought an ice cream maker. A few pitchers of delicious, homemade frosé later (so good, in fact, that its on our menu today), we started wondering: what else could we throw into this magical machine

With that, our love for discovering, creating and sharing ice cream with our friends grew. We started experimenting and dreaming up new flavors. We searched high and low for inspiration, and went looking for the flavors to bring our ideas to life. We ambushed neighbors and friends for taste tests (in the name of science, tho, so it’s ok). And then, one day, with a little encouragement, we decided to share our creations with you.

Today, we’re both obsessed with making the best ice cream humanly possible. We take an uncompromising approach to quality, choosing to exclusively work with ingredients that make us happy dance, and we never, ever serve something that we ourselves wouldn’t eat an entire quart of in a single sitting (and for you mathematically challenged, that’s two pints).


Matthew Norris


While he’s not part of the Royal Family, Matt is British by birth, so that’s basically the same thing. He moved to Los Angeles at a young age, and spent many years in the seaside city Miley once sang about: Malibu. No stranger to warm nights, summer breezes and his share of cold treats - ice cream is pure nostalgia to him. Sure, he loves food as much as the next guy, but it wasn’t until he began experimenting with ice cream that he ever imagined putting on an apron and working in a kitchen.

Before ice cream, Matt spent years as a VP for several companies defining and executing product vision, conducting customer research, and analyzing markets. So when it came time to turn a frose obsession into a thriving business, he knew the most important step in that journey: creating an incredible product that delights those who experience it.

Brennan Eagleton

A Nashville native, Bren grew up around bonfires, open grills, and summer days spent sitting on top of a hand-cranked ice cream maker with his Grandfather. And the only school for cooking he went to was in the family kitchen, he grew to love food. However, it wouldn’t be later in life that cooking and creating flavors would become so important.

Bren studied film and moved out to La-La Land to make his dreams come true. He worked in TV and development for a few years. He even was a culinary producer.

Now with ice cream, he can share his memories and favorite flavors with others.